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DrawingHost (IDrawingHost)

The DrawingHost is a Windows Mobile control that hosts the Composite UI Framework views. You should only need one DrawingHost for your application. You can then use the View property of host to swap in an out forms (with transitions if required).
The DrawingHost is also responsible for providing drawing services to its contained UI elements. Each element in the visual hiearchy has a reference back to the DrawingHost.
The current implemention of IDrawingHost is the Canvas control. Simply drag and drop this control onto your Windows Mobile form and dock it to fill the screen.


This is the base class from which every UI element inherits. It provides properties such as Size, Location, Center, Angle, Background etc. that are common to all elements.


This namespace contains derivatives of DrawingElement that are used to draw graphic primitives - rectangles, ellipses, regular polygons, text, images.


This namespace contains higher level derivatives of DrawingElement that themselves can be composed of other child DrawingElements. This includes buttons, checkboxes. The base Control class (yet to be implemented) will add support for templating.

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