Project Description

An application framework for developing composite user interfaces (similar to Silverlight/WPF) on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices. It contains controls and graphic primitives that support rotation, scaling, animation, behaviours and transitions. Make awesome looking WinMo apps.

MobileUI_Screenshot 1.png MobileUI_Screenshot 2.png MobileUI_XAML_Fragment.png

Class Diagram: png | xps

Note: Given the imminent release of Windows Phone 7 this project is no longer being actively developed.

Project Goals

  • Design UI for Windows Mobile by composing simple graphical elements
  • Allow the UI to automatically scale to suit various mobile device resolutions
  • Managed code
  • Create appealing UI through use of alpha channels, animations and transitions
  • Create UI suited to finger touch as primary input

What this project isn't

  • A games platform or highly performant (you'd probably want DirectX)
  • A Silverlight clone (you're probably waiting and hoping on Windows 7)
  • Finished - it's still an early "work in progress" project


Screenshots of forms that can be easily created using the framework are available here.

How to Guides


Feature Schedule

Release 0.4 (trunk in Source Code)

  • Support for defining DataTemplates in XAML (for use in ItemsControls)
  • Support for Template Binding and custom Markup Extensions.
  • Support for defining WinForms using XAML - including interop between MobileUI DrawingElements and WinForms controls.

Release 0.3 (current)

  • Using XAML to define forms with static resources, simple binding, support for collections

Release 0.2

Release 0.1

  • Animation
    • Works with any public property of type float, Point, Color, SolidBrush - extensible to support any other types.
    • Support for customisable easing functions - comes with Elastic, Sine and Cubic.
    • ColorAnimation
    • SolidBrushAnimation
    • FloatAnimation (e.g. Angle)
    • PointAnimation (e.g. Location, Center)
  • Behaviors
    • DragBehavior
    • Implement IBehavior to define your own behaviors
  • Primitives
    • Rectangle, Ellipse, RegularPolygon (hexagon, octagon etc.), Star
    • Text
  • Containers
    • ItemsControl
    • DataTemplates can be used to convert each item to a UI composition
    • Allows for custom layout engines - comes with Stack, Radial and Wrap.
  • Transforms
    • Translate, Rotate and Scale

Planned for Release 0.5+

  • More Controls
  • Control Styling and Templating - which should lead to Themes

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